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You’ve come to discover the distinctive aromas that have occurred since 1863. This website is dedicated to the beauty of the First Garo Church.

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Who We Are

Time Spent: What happened?

The spread of Christianity among the Garos is portrayed in a dramatic and unusual manner. It is the sole focus of its indigenous movement. Nobody will ever forget Rev. Dr. Miles Bronson’s contributions to the development of the Garo Hills and Assam regions. Many people have helped the church grow from the ground up. Christianity had reached one of the Garo Hills’ corners, Rajasimla, as a result of this essential vision of the population.

The Scene of Mystery

Ancestors’ Conviction

How hard our forebears worked is a mystery to us. However, we modern citizens feel that this is a more forgiving period to enter. Yet, the people of the Garo Hills and beyond were provided for by God in mysterious ways. Their lives were legendary because of the genuineness, modesty, and purity of their character. They labored diligently to preserve all that God had given them, including the entire range of hills. What would be our firmer belief as of right now?


Since 1863

The Beginning

Everything started when Omed and Ramkhe, an uncle and nephew learned about this Christianity. To find the truth, they put in a tremendous amount of effort. At last, in the month of February 8, 1863, they offered their hearts and souls to God, and took baptism at Sukheswar Ghat in Guwahati by Rev. Dr. Miles Bronson. They resigned from their positions in March 1864 and went back to their hometown of Watrepara with their spouses and children.

As they returned, the gospel of Christ shared with their neighborhood, which stoked neighborhood animosity. They experienced a sense of being men in an enemy’s country despite being in their own. The fact that word of their arrival had spread than they could control caused a strong sense of resentment. 


Day of the Days

Around 10:00 am after the service, Dr. Bronson went down to the lovely stream, “Rongkil,” which had been dammed for the occasion, and baptized 27 Garos-both men and women. At the bank, a group of untamed, barbaric individuals was gathered, but they all maintained a calm, respectful, and somber demeanor as if they were used to the situation. Aged, middled-aged, and young people were among those who joined Christ’s flock. 

So, on that day alone, along with 27 people including Omed, Ramkhe, and Rangku, the First Garo Church was established in Rajasimla. Then, in front of everybody, Dr. Bronson ordained Omed W. Momin as Reverend and charged as the first pastor. What a joyous moment for the native people of Garo Hills!

Our Site is for All

Each design decides how to conduct business, market itself, and on occasion, provide basic services to the general public. We are not here to advertise our website, rather, we are here to show people how to learn about the history of the church. We risk having it completely vanish if we do not begin writing. The places where our ancestors once lived, the context of today, and the places where daily life establishes a novel sharing are the places where we work to provide the best service possible.

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The features on this page can be seen in various ways. This page was made with the intention of hosting images, audios, and videos. This gallery will undoubtedly significant, we can say. These could even help us reminisce about the past by bringing back memories of our ancestors’ homes, feelings, and tales. They can aid in our understanding of who we are.

Pastoral Desks

Each pastor has been called by the Almighty God, and they are devotedly serving Him.

Rev. Jaseng D Marak

Rev. Jaseng D Marak

Head Pastor

Mr. Relian S Momin

Mr. Relian S Momin

Asst. Pastor

Mr. Tengrak G Momin

Mr. Tengrak G Momin

Asst. Pastor

Mr. Lordeversing D Marak

Mr. Lordeversing D Marak

Asst. Pastor

Wilne R Marak

Wilne R Marak

Asst. Pastor


“It takes more than a busy church, a friendly church, or even an evangelical church to impact a community for Christ. It must be a church ablaze, led by leaders who are ablaze for God.”

Dr. Wesley L. Duewel

Director, OMS International

“We’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but the people will never forget how you made them free.”

Maya Angelou

Poet, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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