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Never let a chance like that pass you by in life. Make it stand out by being distinctive.


Omed's Small Hut

The church collects a vast archive of media, including photographs, audio playlists, and many videos. Some are only found very rarely and have an immediate association with religious memorials. These types of donations are rare and valuable to the church. These can be made available as personal memoirs in archives and libraries. Like descriptive words, these anthologies are packed with real experiences that people have had.

Many individuals find that words are the most effective means of communication, yet pictures may often say more than words ever could. The church’s narrative of the present is more reliable despite the fact that some papers are nearly unreadable and misplaced. Let’s not forget the information that’s already been given to us.


The Memoirs

Jubilee Photos (Phase-1)

Best of 2019

Jubilee Photos (Phase-2)

Jubilee Photos (Phase-3)

Grand Jubilee Photos 2018


Anyone can view some of the youtube channels. 

"We've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but the people will never forget how you made them free."

Maya Angelou

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