It is a learning process. A high-quality education has advantages and provides extra benefits.

School at Goalpara

Captain F. Jenkins embarked on a trip that would play a critical part in the Garo tribe’s civilization and salvation in 1847. He began by establishing a regular school in Goalpara. Eight of the first 10 boys accepted became Christian workers, four of them were ordained preachers, and as our tale progresses, it will become obvious that Bishop Heber’s “illustrious hopes” began to be realized.

However, the school provided students with the means and opportunity to discover the truth. It influenced how God educated them, opened their eyes, and inspired questions in their thoughts. In a single statement, a state historian said that “it attracted only a few landers and half-breeds,” and from one viewpoint, he is correct. [William Carey, 44-45, 52]

Omed Ramke Rangku

Omed & Ramke

Omed W. Momin and Ramke W. Momin were the first Garo converts. The school in Goalpara District set them on their trip and gave them the tools and chance to find the truth. These first two converts—must be mentioned in every Garo field history.

Struggles in School

In the two years, the Garo students spent at Goalpara did not seem to see any improvement in the quality of instruction. Both Omed and Ramke boldly ascended to Lieutenant Agnew’s bungalow at the top of the hill and declared that they would never learn if they continued in school for another 20 years with such a teacher. The pandit was subsequently called into the “presence” and expelled right away. The next man picked quickly won the boys’ affection. They commended him for the superior lessons he had imparted to them, “Until the day of our death, we will praise him” (W. Carrey, 56). That our ancestors were so deeply rooted in God’s words later is amazing and beautiful.

Became Popular

The debut of a formal school at Goalpara is illuminating for hill tribes, especially the Garos. For the first time ever, a group of young Garo people enrolled in that school. The first group of Garo students developed close friendships and demonstrated unwavering dedication to their studies. This school has made significant contributions to the cause of holistic education. It led to the Garo tribesmen becoming well-adjusted, civilized people who could read and write. They had the power to mold themselves and progressively broaden their intellectual horizons. Their education has been greatly aided by the missionary work that introduced the Garos to God’s love. 

Let’s Learn Together!

There are never enough ideas. It takes time for good things to happen. Always do your best and never give up. So, go work out.


"Education is the central figure in all of humankind's transformation, and without education, no one could emerge and not modernize it." People from the past to the present, in my view, were altered by education. It also enhanced the people's quality of life."

Lordeversing D. Marak

"All of the developments and social changes would not be possible if Rajasimla did not have an educational system. He further said that our youngsters now have the option to enroll in schools and shape themselves to be tomorrow's leaders."

Slanting M. Sangma

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