"Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?"

“Here am I, send me!”

Missional Role

The “mission” is one of the primary forces behind the proclamation of the Good News. It was completed, of course, when the showers labored hard and produced the richest soils. But it was those devoted people who shared the message of love and brought those lost souls to Christ. As the Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ, so do the believers understand the “mission” that will be sent. Consequently, the church was founded for the same purpose. We must imitate Jesus Christ because he has already done everything for us. We are here to be the light that must shine before all others and the salt of the earth.

The goal of our church is to make God’s love known to all people. God’s love is merciful to everyone, thanks for His goodness. However, it has the capacity to transform and heal people. The Gospel needs to be preached in order to reach those who want to hear it. We also need to share it with others who aren’t looking for it.

Send the workers

Our Mission

The church has weighed on the following since 1867



What tools can we give believers to heal this suffering world? What should you do if God is needed there? How much could it be possible to bring the lost souls into God’s kingdom every year? How can we strengthen and spiritually equip this mission field?



We must finish the chores since we have been called to a large harvest. What might account for the current dissolution of communities on mission fields? Exist any chances to motivate the church to go into the field? How many Christians are now working on the mission?



Getting lost souls back is not always easy. It is challenging, trying, and might even cause you heartburn when a serious issue surfaces. But because God has given us a mission, we are constrained from leaving as often as we would like. So, we are now connected to heavenly works.

Our Mission

What shall we do?

Today, the aforementioned arguments are persuasive and should be adopted. In light of this, the church must prioritize spiritual alliances and joint endeavors. The mission-minded adherents in the congregations are a specialty that church leaders are cultivating. “Someone once said, “The role of the church is to spread the gospel.” The modern lifestyle consists of giving and sharing spiritual needs. Nothing less than disseminating the gospel of Jesus Christ to those in greatest need is done by believers today.

Let us honor the contributions made by our torchbearers during their respective eras.


Omed said, "The animistic belief of our Garo people is indeed detestable. Hindus practice the caste system. If we become Hindus, we will have to stay away from our relatives. Besides, even Ramayana does not teach anything about the salvation of the soul. In the Koran of the Muslims, indeed there is a promise of God to make the followers of Islam a great, but not much importance is given to the soul of human beings. Therefore, after examining what is written in the booklet (tract) and after weighing all the pros and cons, it seemed to me that Christianity is the best and the truest of all religions."

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Dr. Bronson said, "I saw their earnestness. I saw God's hand in it, and although I had no funds, I dared not say, 'No.' I can only say, "This is the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes!'"

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'I am a disciple of Christ, but I am unable to walk, named Ramsing W. Momin (a crippled man) said, expressing how much the case of one of them affected him. How do I get baptized?' "No; is it to fill our bellies that we become Christians?" It is the salvation we want!" "My heart burns to go and tell my people on the mountains of this region. As soon as my foot is better, I'll leave."

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